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That’s how I play. However, some side bets are vulnerable to advantage play. Lucky Ladies, which pays varying amounts on 20s depending on their composition, and the odds swing toward the player when there is a high concentration of 10s remaining in the deck. Another that was vulnerable to card counting was Over/Under 13. Using a specialized count, players could gain a larger advantage on the side bet than they could in the main game. Of course, for most players such advantage play is not a factor. Nonetheless, some are attracted by potential for a big jackpot on side bets. Lucky Ladies has several pay tables available to casinos, but it’s a jackpot-chaser’s delight with payoffs of 125-1 or 200-1 on a Queen of hearts pair and 1,000-1 if the dealer beats your heart Queens with a blackjack. Even the 9-1 payoff on 21 + 3 livens blackjack for players bored with grinding it out on even-money payoffs. My advice to non-advantage players is to avoid side bets.

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